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We develop "landing pages" to sale goods & services
to create a landing in Exactly
Landing is suitable for:
Advert & sell for

A single product, service, SAAS or app.

To tell about

Discounts, gifts, special offers and their validity

Invite on

Event, conference or master class

Exampl. & price:
Simple $500+

Description, photos, benefits of goods / services but a minimum of additional programmable extensions —,

Standart $600+

Description, photos, benefits of goods / services and order form with a mini-order accounting system —,

Bigger $700+

Description, photos of goods / services, order form with mini-order accounting system, catalog management and SEO-pages —,,,

Making websites since 2005

To create a site for you, we needed the brief filled out by you:

- How to prepare an order? -

LP — landing page (one-page site)
will help step by step on 1 page, to present your product / service as profitably as possible and will invite visitors to order (target action).

Unique design, adaptive layout (for simultaneous work LP both on smartphones and on large screens) and basic settings SEO-settings will allow in 1 week to receive appeals and work with clients, attracting visitors to the site from advertising in google search, soc. networks or other advertising (boards, radio, business cards, flyers, etc.)!

Target action on the page can be: call, buy goods, subscribe to the newsletter, buy a ticket to a conference or course, request an estimate or just download a presentation of your services.

To create a landing page we use classic formulas:

AIDA: attention, interest, desire, action
To attract attention, interest, arouse desire, call to action. The essence is that any advertising appeal should attract the attention of a potential consumer, then arouse his interest, which will turn into a desire to own the product and, finally, to encourage action - the order.

PMPHS: pain, more pain, hope, solution
Describe the problem, exacerbate it, show hope, suggest solutions. That is, we first describe the pain so that the visitor recognizes his situation, then intensify the pain, saying that the development of events can go even more complicated. After that we give hope that it can be solved, and in the end we give the decision of a problem - to motivate to action - the order.

- How to prepare an order? -

How can your site look like?
We have developed unique designs for companies from different markets, so we have good experience and skills to fulfill your order..

We also have great designs for different activities and occasions,
which we adapt to your business and product / service.

- Examples -

- How to prepare an order? -



Detailed page for one product, service as a point of conversion of visitors from ads to customers.

Bs. card

5-10 pages; several langs; in details about your business, products, services, offers.


Describes in details your services / goods, m.b. catalog of goods with the order


We create online shops on Wordpress; "full" or witout products.


We are setting up a pay-per-click advertising campaign in Google search results.


We update the outdated sites: making an adaptive design, SEO, analytic systems, SSL, etc.